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At FIRST, we believe every believer has been uniquely equipped by the Holy Spirit and added to the church, to play an important and necessary role in reaching the lost and building up the saints. In order to glorify God by making disciples, ever member must play their part and exercise their gifts.

Give 15 Minutes

We believe that if everyone gives fifteen minutes of their time, both before and after one of our gatherings, we can foster a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for our first-time guests, which in turn, will also lead to the development Christ-centered relationships in the church body.

As you connect at FIRST, we want to encourage you to show up at least fifteen minutes early- whether its for Bible Study, the Worship Service, or some other event to make yourself available to any immediate needs or to simply make our guests feel welcome.

Additionally, we want to encourage you to stick around for at least fifteen minutes after the service, to get to know both the first time guests and the other members of the church, because we believe that relationships are one of the most influential tools that we have, as we strive to glorify God by making disciples.

Give 1 Hour

In addition to giving fifteen minutes, we want to encourage you, as you connect at FIRST, to give at least 1 hour of your week to serving the body of Christ. At first, that may seem like a lot, but given that you can easily waste an hour watching Netflix or scrolling through Facebook, we realize it’s not that much.

If everyone gave one hour to serving the body of Christ, there is so much that we could do together, for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

You can invest your one-hour throughout the week by helping around the facilities, assisting in administrative work, contacting & encouraging sick or homebound members, hosting or leading a life group, or serving on one of our setup teams; or on a Sunday by teaching a class, greeting new guests, serving with the children or student ministries, singing or playing an instrument with the worship team, serving on a medical or security team, or operating equipment with the production team.

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